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Company Introduction

Who is Dawnrise?

Dawnrise is a leading company in the electrical lighting industry. We deliver reliable and innovative products to consumers in both the commercial and personal sector. Founded in Diamond Bar, California, Dawnrise’s mission is to better serve the American market with high quality and cost effective products along with comprehensive after care services. Dawnrise offers a variety of products: ranging from cabinet light, night light to outdoor battery sensor lights. The company is supported by its comprehensive functionalities in research and development, consulting, sales, and others.

Dawnrise Production Factories 

Dawnrise is a global company with over decades of R&D and production experiences. It has two factory sites, one in Zhongshan China and the other in Bangkok Thailand. Our production factoris are managed by experienced executives who bring 20+ years of knowledge in OEM manufacturing, product production, and employee management. Dawnrise’s advanced research and production facilities allow for extensive product research and quality development for the consumer market. The geographical advantage of our production plant allows Dawnrise to continuously research and test its products while keeping products at a low cost. Our headquarter, located in California, ensures smoother transactions and faster services for our customers based in the United States. 

Dawnrise was founded to:

1. To better serve the American market and its customers 

2. To continuously improve and innovate our products by gathering data and analytics through effective research & development of products. 

Dawnrise mission:

Dawnrise’s mission is to provide global consumers with high quality, reliable, safe, innovative and cost effective LED lighting products, and to provide consumers with convenient, considerate and carefree pre-sale, and after sales services.

R&D and Innovation 

1. R&D

Dawnrise dedicates 8% of its annual revenue to the research and development team to bring continuous innovations to the industry. 

2. Innovation 

Dawnrise conducts market research by visiting on site factories, analyzing retailer store ordering patterns, and participating in showroom exhibitions. 

Dawnrise’s products are produced by advanced workshop technologies. The automictic SMT workshop and injection workshops assemble product parts together. The products then undergo modifications in the tooling workshop and metal workshop before arriving at the assembly workshop. Dawnrise’s production factories are supported with automatic machines and semi-automatic equipment to deliver production efficiency while also decreasing human production errors. To ensure the highest production quality, Dawnrise uses multiple test fields to conduct its quality tests. The quality control team goes through rounds of inspection of the incoming material, first product, production patrol, and the final product. The team compares and analyzes the optical facts, physical performance, and the electrical data from the test labs to deliver reliable end products. 

On average, about 24 new products are launched to the consumer markets each year. Currently, Dawnrise has 1 invention patent, 15 utility patents, and over 100 design patents in the industry. 

Market Research

Dawnrise is not only a capable manufacturer but also an innovative market researcher. By understanding and applying the feedback from the general market, along with using various data analysis methods, Dawnrise is able to find pain points in the product development cycle and to formulate appropriate solutions for all products.

Visiting production factories allows Dawnrise to pinpoint potential production bottlenecks. This allows Dawnrise to cut down its production costs which brings affordability to its customers. The purchasing patterns from retail stores give insights to Dawnrise’s development team to focus on products that consumers are interested in. By exhibiting our current products at different exhibition shows, Dawnrise is able to understand the trending patterns of the lighting industry and bring attractive products to the market. Dawnrise’s products team consistently researches related LED products at major retailers by comparing their functions, technologies, and packaging to bring innovation. 

By understanding and applying the feedback from the general market, along with using various data analysis methods, Dawnrise is able to find pain points in the product development cycle and to formulate appropriate solutions for all products.

What can we offer?

1. Serialized lighting product solution, ranging from internal home use to outdoor usage

2. Products that are user oriented and multi functional 

3. Premium manufacturing capabilities with different levels of certification


TEL : 888-778-0082

ADD:21671 Gateway Center Dr. STE 203, Diamond Bar, CA 91765